Music in the heart
of Småland


When the international music world and the unspoiled countryside in the County of Småland come together in Kvarnamåla, energy and warmth are produced in a way that opens doors and builds bridges between people!

The Kvarnamåla International Music Festival started out as a dream that turned into a vision and then became a reality. 

The Kronoberg region prize for “The Ascendant of the Year” was awarded to the Kvarnamåla International Music Festival, a completely new type of festival featuring chamber music, folk music and jazz. The initiator is the opera singer and soprano Malin Hartelius

The reason for the award reads: “Brilliance, musical magic and performance at the highest level. It was with resounding energy that Kvarnamåla International Music Festival made its entrance among the summer festivals this year. Over a period of three whole days, the public had the pleasure of enjoying inspired playing, world-class artistes and musical encounters between chamber music, folk music and jazz.”

We believe classical music should be accessible to everyone.
The KIMF is intended for an audience prepared to be inspired by music that surpasses all labels and conventions.

Board and team


Standing left to right:

Claudius Herrmann
Robert Jonasson
Tommy Fransson (Treasurer)
Jessica Larsson (Secretary)
Mikael Hansson (MVH Production)
Denis Lodge (Approval of minutes)

Sitting left to right:

Ulrika Metzler
Mona Svensson
Malin Hartelius (Chairwoman and Artistic Director)
Elisabeth Bava
Ria Knulst

Missing in the picture are:
Mia Fransson, P-G Bergfors, Barbro Hellerborn and Viktoria Hansson

board members.jpg